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Apply to become an instructor on the Music Therapy & Wellness Hub and get your online course available to a wide audience including: students, music therapists, allied health professionals, caregivers of patients, and individuals interested in promoting their own health and wellness through music.We are looking for instructors with an expert knowledge in a diverse range of areas. The Hub is a place to provide easily accessible online resources on:

Music Therapy

Business & Ethics
Clinical Skills & Strategies
Therapist Self-Care

Music-Centered Wellness

Adaptive Music Lessons/Resources
Caregiver Resources
Self-Care & Mindfulness
Music Skills for Non-Music Therapy Professionals

Online Instructor Application

Those who wish to become and online instructor for the Music Therapy & Wellness Hub must submit an Online Instructor Application. The Online Instructor Application can be filled out any time during the year, and only needs to be filled out once. You will need to submit your contact information, a brief bio and profile image, and a sample course submission form. Complete your Instructor Application and our team will review your submission.

Is becoming an online instructor right for me? 

Consider teaching an online course if you:

  • Possess specialized knowledge in the field of music, music therapy, wellness, or healthcare.
  • Have previously provided a music therapy CMTE course at a professional conference.
  • Want a no-stress, easy platform to teach your online curriculum.
  • Want to share the benefits of music and music therapy to individuals around the globe!

As an instructor, you will be responsible for:

  • Developing curriculum and media content.
  • Creating assessments/quizzes.
  • Managing your course forum or other modes of follow-up (Zoom meetings, social media groups, etc.).

General Course Guidelines

Courses on the Music Therapy & Wellness Hub should contain:

  • Clear learning objectives
  • Exciting course description
  • Engaging multimedia lectures (such as powerpoint, videos, and/or audio)
  • Assignments and/or worksheets
  • Forum topics
  • Section quizzes and assessments

CMTE Course Guidelines

In addition to the General Course Guidelines, Continuing Music Therapy Education courses must include the following, according to CBMT:

  • Learning Objectives with related CBMT Board Certification Domains
  • Prerequisites
  • Number of CMTE Credits offered
  • Course Evaluation Form
  • Course Certificate

Submit Your Course

After completing the Instructor Application, here’s how you can submit your course for approval

  1. Download and complete the Course Submission Form.
  2. Email to

Once your course is approved, we’ll send you an email regarding the next steps.

Have questions?

If you’re thinking about submitting a course for “The Hub,” feel free to contact us at with any questions.