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Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and possess a diverse skillset. Learn from experienced music therapists and discover what they have to offer. 

Barbara Reuer, Ph.D., LPMT, MT-BC

CEO and Founder | MusicWorx Inc.

Dr. Reuer is an internationally recognized and widely published expert in music-for-wellness and music therapy. As founder and CEO of MusicWorx Inc.», her San Diego-based contractual and consulting agency, Dr. Reuer manages a team of therapists serving children with special needs, medical patients, hospice patients , and individuals dealing with substance abuse, lifestyle change, and bereavement. Through the MusicWorx Inc.» international music therapy internship program, Dr. Reuer focuses her professional attention on music therapy program development and job development in San Diego County. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Reuer provides wellness, community-building, stress-management, and pain-management workshops and seminars for health care professionals, educators, and corporate clients all over the world. Dr. Reuer is a past president of the National Association for Music Therapy, later renamed the American Music Therapy Association. In 2000, Dr. Reuer received the American Music Therapy Association national Professional Practice Award. And in 2008, she received the prestigious American Music Therapy Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lindsay Zehren

Instructor | Board Certified Music Therapist

Lindsay received her bachelor’s degree in music education and theater from Saint Mary of the Woods College in Indiana. She taught music at the high school and elementary school levels in Indiana, South Africa, and Jamaica before pursuing her equivalency degree in music therapy from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. She moved to San Diego from Indianapolis to complete her music therapy internship with MusicWorx Inc.» and is thrilled to now be a staff music therapist for MusicWorx as well as the special projects coordinator for Resounding Joy. Lindsay also is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and certified in healing touch and Reiki. She is passionate about incorporating her knowledge of yoga and energy therapies with music to create a holistic approach to music therapy for her clients and their families.

Annela Flores

Instructor | Board Certified Music Therapist

Annela’s love for helping people thrive through music led her to the field of music therapy. Upon the completion of her bachelor’s degree at University of the Pacific, Annela spent over a year in India working with a non-profit as a teacher, administrator, and outreach coordinator. She initiated and managed programs such as music therapy services, teacher training, and medical outreach. Annela has worked with a number of populations including: individuals with special needs, older adults, people with Parkinson’s disease, substance abuse recovery, youth at-risk, pulmonary rehabilitation, wellness groups, and in pediatric and adult medical care. Currently, she is an intern supervisor and staff music therapist for MusicWorx Inc.». Annela is passionate about empowering people to effectively use music to improve the lives of individuals and their communities.


Whitney Hewlett

Instructor | Board Certified Music Therapist

Whitney is a Board-Certified music therapist from Austin, Texas. While in Texas, she received her bachelor’s in music therapy with a minor in psychology from Southern Methodist University. Whitney began her musical journey singing along to all of her favorite Disney movies as a child. Growing up, she got involved with music at every opportunity by performing in musicals and leading and arranging music for her college a cappella group. Eventually, Whitney moved to San Diego to complete her music therapy internship at MusicWorx Inc.

Whitney is passionate about her work at MusicWorx Inc. as a music therapist for children in palliative care and individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Elizabeth Mendez

Instructor | Board Certified Music Therapist

Elizabeth received her bachelor’s degree in music therapy from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and recently completed her internship at MusicWorx. Originally from northern California, Elizabeth spent most of her early school years singing, playing guitar, learning about technology, and bringing music to the greater community. She used social media to organize groups of students in high school to perform for people experiencing homelessness and older adults. During her summer and winter breaks in college, she discovered a love for working with pediatric patients and their families through volunteering at her local medical center. She is passionate about bridging music therapy and technology as a means to make music therapy accessible to all.

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