Music and Wellness programs promote health and wellness for people of all ages, abilities, needs, and backgrounds through music.

We offer a wide variety of courses for individuals who are interested in learning how to use music to improve their lives. From online instrument lessons to music-based stress reduction programs to professional development for non-music therapists, we have it all! Join The Hub as a General Member to access all of our music and wellness courses.

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AudAbility Online

AudAbility Online is a music therapy protocol designed by Board-Certified Music Therapists for People with Parkinson’s and their care partners and is supported by the San Diego Parkinson’s Association. AudAbility is an accessible, fun, evidence-based program that utilizes music therapy and mindfulness to address common symptoms of Parkinson’s. The program is uniquely designed to empower People with Parkinson’s and their care partners to utilize music to decrease stress, anxiety and depression and enhance their vocal production, motor skills, and quality of life. AudAbility Online offers web-guided courses and private consultation that address common symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Get your team motivated, focused, and relaxed through our corporate wellness programs. Whether you want your staff to improve their self-care, reduce stress and anxiety at the workplace, or empower them to expand their creativity and thinking; our online, music-centered wellness courses can help your employees thrive!

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