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This podcast is about everything music therapy, music wellness, and professional development!

At MusicWorx, we are all about creating, cultivating, and celebrating experiences of growth and potential. On this podcast, we talk all about how to find success in your personal and professional life with music therapy and music-centered wellness. Whether you’re a music therapist, educator, or student, we want to share insights from experts in the field.

It’s hard to keep calm when life is relentlessly chaotic. Follow me through this 10-minute stress buster, learn how stress can be detrimental to our health, and practice easy relaxation strategies.

How do you make money doing what you love? Barbara Reuer, founder and CEO of MusicWorx Inc. and Resounding Joy, discusses how she pursued her passion by creating a successful music therapy business.

Tim Ringgold, MT-BC joins us on the show to talk about using music for self-care and his new book, Sonic Recovery: Harness the Power of Music to Stay Sober.

Global Perspectives of Music Therapy in East Africa with Brooke Wilder

In this episode we hear from Resounding Joy’s pediatric medical music therapist, Rachel Gant and parent and philanthropist Jeff Miller on how one young child’s legacy led to music therapy access for hundreds of children with cardiac diagnoses.

Music and creative arts programming helps active duty service members and military veterans to cope with trauma, recover from traumatic brain injuries, and assimilate back into civilian life. In this episode, we talk with veterans and community program organizers about how the creative arts impacts the lives of military and their families.

Internship is a process of transformation. From novice to professional. Learner to expert. Student to board-certified music therapist.

What do you do once you’ve discovered your passion? Join me, Annela Flores as I share about how I got into the field of music therapy. In this episode, we talk about how music is a powerful tool to touch the mind, body, and spirit.

In this episode, Heather Wagner, Ph.D, MT-BC and Channing Chippen M.A. MT-BC discuss with Renee and Becky about what specialization will look like, and they explore the pros and cons of specialization.

We’re in school for at least 4 years, and then internship, and then…what? What things do young professionals need to keep in mind, and what do those first couple of years after becoming certified look like? Laura McFee, MT-BC takes some time to talk to Renee and Becky about her experiences and some things she’s learned along the way.

This episode talks about the differences in viewpoints over generations of music therapists ranging from student to professionals with 40+ years of experience. Those interviewed were Sarah Thomas, David Nicholson, Leaf Weigel, Dr. Wagner, MT-BC, and Dr. Reuer, MT-BC.