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Sound Solutions Podcast

Unlock your unlimited potential with MusicWorx’s Sound Solution Podcast.

At MusicWorx, we are all about creating, cultivating, and celebrating experiences of growth and potential. On this podcast, we talk all about how to find success in your personal and professional life with music therapy and music-centered wellness. Whether you’re a music therapist, educator, or student, join us!


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On our blog page, you can find helpful resources on everything related to music therapy, wellness, and online courses. If you’re an instructor, find support pages to help you put together your individual course.

MusicWorx Toolboxes

Check out our self-study courses!

MusicWorx Toolbox self-study courses provide a convenient resource to educate professionals to utilize music as a tool in a variety music therapy settings. You can purchase the book as a self-standing resource, or turn it into a continuing education product by purchasing the CMTE credits in addition to the book.

Hub Videos

Learn and destress all in one place!

MusicWorx believes that in order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. From educational videos to 3-minute stress busters, our videos will help you find your zen and take away tactics that could apply to any music therapy session!