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The Music Therapy & Wellness Hub provides online, self-study courses covering a variety of topics. We have three different learning programs: Music & Wellness, Music Therapy Continuing Education, and Training Programs.

  • Our Music & Wellness courses are available to anyone with an account. Courses include self-care for caregivers, relaxation methods, programs for people with Parkinson’s disease, and more.
  • Continuing Education courses are for music therapy professionals AND music therapy students who want to develop their skills. Topics include therapeutic skills, musicianship mastery, business and ethics, and self-care strategies
  • The Hub’s Training Programs are intensive, specialized programs for music therapists who want to expand their practice. Participants will learn how to effectively implement our licensed programs such as AudAbility, Joy Givers, and Shine & Sing.

It’s easy! To register for a course, you first need to sign up for a free account. Next, you can view our course listings, and select the course you want to join. You will need to purchase the course, or start taking one of our free courses.

If you want to take one of our Training Programs to become an AudAbility, Joy Giver, or Shine & Sing Provider, you will first need to complete an application which will then be reviewed and approved by the MusicWorx review committee.

Each individual course costs differently, and cost is determined by 1) if it is a CMTE-approved course, 2) the content that is provided in the course, and 3) if it is a provider training course.

According to our continuing education policies and procedures, if you find a Music Therapy & Wellness Hub Course to be unsatisfactory, you may contact MusicWorx Inc. within 14 days of receipt to request a refund. Contact for more information.

MusicWorx is both an American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)-compliant provider of music therapy services and an AMTA-approved clinical training site for degreed music therapists working toward national board certification. Based in San Diego, California, MusicWorx Inc. is a music therapy agency that serves a wide variety of individuals from age 0 to 106.

The Music Therapy & Wellness Hub is a product of MusicWorx Inc. (CBMT Approved Provider #P-097), aimed to make music therapy-based education and wellness resources available to people anywhere. MusicWorx’s mission is to create, nurture, and maintain an environment of growth and unlimited potential for those around us. MusicWorx created The Hub to be a catalyst for education, health, and healing. Learn more about MusicWorx.

Continuing Education Credits

Earn Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE) credits if you are currently a Board-Certified Music Therapist. After purchasing the CMTE course, complete the assignments as outlined in the Music Therapy & Wellness Hub Course module. You may complete the lessons at your own pace. There is no time limit for submitting assignments, however, you will not receive the CMTE credit until all paperwork is turned into MusicWorx. 

You can access a digital copy of the course completion certificate immediately when you complete the course.

Application for CMTE Credit – You will complete the following assignments from your CMTE course:

  • Written assignments
  • Learning outcomes
  • Assessment of participant satisfaction
  • Needs Assessment

READ MORE about MusicWorx’s affiliation with CBMT. For general info about CBMT recertification, CLICK HERE.

If you’re a music therapist, you can still take our continuing education courses even if you don’t put your credits towards recertification. You will complete all the same course content, but you won’t need to fill out any paperwork for CBMT.

Board-Certified Music Therapists can accrue continuing education credits to maintain their certification. In order to fulfill recertification requirements, the certificant must have completed all continuing education credits by the last day of the fifth year of the cycle. The Recertification Manual outlines all continuing education credits and required documentation.

Certificants may pursue recertification by accruing 100 recertification credits during the five-year recertification cycle. More>>

Select your PROFILE in the top righthand corner.


Once you’re on your profile, select the CERTIFICATES tab to view all your earned certificates.

Unfortunately, no. For now, continuing education credits are only available to Board-Certified Music Therapist who have an active standing with CBMT. You are still welcome to take courses even if you’re not board-certified (e.g. if you are a student, intern, or other allied healthcare professional) but you will not be able to earn credits for your professional certification organization.

You can earn all 100 CMTE credits required in your 5 year cycle right here! The number of CMTE credits that is offered with each course will be listed on the individual course description.